"Our main mission is to those children who have no church connections and no input or reference of God in their lives at all.  We meet these children through fun days, garden fetes, vintage rallies, open farm events, model toy shows, craft fairs and other outside events in Northern Ireland and Ireland"

Crafts4Christ Team

Birthday Parties

We come out and spend approximately 2 hours providing a party for your group.

What happens?


Sing a long music

No Cost: Just a Donation

Church Groups

Our team come out and provide 4 hours of Bible centred fun at your church.

What happens?

2 hours of crafts

2 hours of games and music

No Cost:  Just a Donation


Youth Groups

Our team will come out to your youth club, school or community organisation for 3 hours.

What happens?

90 mins of crafts

90 mins of music and games

No Cost: Just a donation

Free Packs

Our team can send out free packs of books with CDs, DVDs and audio all included at no charge.

What happens?

Request a pack/s

Send us your address

No Cost:  Just a Donation


We can offer bespoke packages  to help you run your event!

“Crafts4Christ are amazing! They came out to Cullybackey Methodist Church for our Sunday School annual summer party and it was great. the kids loved it.”

Gareth Shaw

My daughter had a great time at her GFS doing crafts, games and all whilst learning about Christ. Thank you

Susan Mawhinney

We had the absolute pleasure of having the crew at our family fun day , good feed back all around absolutely a must for any event! Will book the folks again for definite!!

Gemma Lucy Campbell

We can offer bespoke packages  to help you run your event!

Why ?

Crafts 4 Christ was born in July 2015 when God spoke into my life and commissioned me to begin a Children's Outreach Ministry. He told me everything that I needed to do and on Thursday 9th of July I had a very strong word form God to just step out in faith. This is what I did and by Monday 13th of July God had already supplied everything that was required including crafts, literature, gazebo and an entry pass into the field in Moneymore. We hadn't set up very long when our first parents and children arrived on the scene and a continuous stream of children enjoyed the crafts and also the literature on the gospel of Jesus Christ. The verse of scripture God told us to use was "Suffer the Little Children to come unto me and forbid them not for as such is the Kingdom of God. " Matthew 10 v 14. The Great Commission became very significant to us as a team as we were soon invited to travel both into North and South Ireland. We have since that time distributed tens of thousands of crafts, children's gospel literature, bibles and bible literature. We also support many organisations including BB. GB. Scouts, Guides and take ladies and Sunday School meetings. Our calling is to reach all children in Ireland with the gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Sarah Dickson , Crafts4Christ Founder

How much does it cost?

We dont charge for coming to your event. We want to spread the Good News and are happy to come to your party, school, church group or youth club at no cost. We pay for all the materials ourselves but if you feel in your heart that you would like to support our mission then please feel free to donate using our donate page on our site. Thankyou!

Is it all Bible stuff?

No, we love what we do. We teach and direct the kids in crafts and at the same time we help them to hear Gods Word. Its not pushed and the kids arent preached at. We just have little chats and design stuff based on Bible verses and tell the kids what part of the Bible it's found in. Its a great combination and the feedback is always super!

Where & When do you go?

We are pretty easy with regards to time and venue. We will go across Northern Ireland. We cover all our own travel costs and equipment that we bring. With regards to timings most birthday parties take around 2 hours, Sunday School and Youth club events around 4 hours. However we can put together a package that suits you !

What amazing people. They are so good with children. Would definitely recommend Crafts 4 Christ for any event. The team was with us today doing a birthday party in my home and were so much fun.

Karen Watt

We can offer bespoke packages  to help you run your event!

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